And the idea that I find it appealing has me a bit disconcerted.

Manure.  Yes, I said “manure”.  As I picked my daughter up from school, I noticed the gamy odor of cow manure wafting across the school grounds.  It was so intense it elicited my gag-reflex from deep within.  But in a moment or two I found myself deeply inhaling the crisp air.

You see, as acrid as it was, I knew it was a decidedly auspicious sign of spring.  After the snowiest winter in the last decade, the John Deeres were hard at work in the fields behind the school, spreading a heavy layer of manure.  Manure isn’t spread unless fields are going to be planted.  Farmers don’t plant fields unless spring is truly here.

Inhale deeply.  Sigh.  There can’t be a more satisfying  sign of spring….except, maybe, for the heady scent of sweet lilacs.