I have  this lovely small, framed print including this sweet phrase.  My dear husband gave it to me the first year we were married.  We both wanted to make the move to a house, but we knew it wasn’t the right time.  And so we remained in our apartment for a bit longer.

Fast forward a few years.  The phrase (and sweet framed print) has come to mean so much more.  Two lovely daughters and a townhouse later and we now long for a single family home with a big (“big” being a relative term) backyard with trees for climbing and room for a vegetable garden.

You see, even before we began dating, my husband and I both shared with each other our dream for a stay-at-home-mom for our future children.  I’d say we never dreamed it would be with each other, but that wouldn’t necessarily be true (you see, I “knew” and he later told me he “knew” that first moment we met).

It was never a question as to whether I would stay home, but rather how we would make that work.  It hasn’t exactly been easy, but we have both committed ourselves to making it happen.  He has worked multiple second jobs to make ends meet.  And I have cut costs anywhere I’ve been able.  But these are the things we’re willing to do to make sure one of us is home raising our children.

And that leaves us resigning ourselves to the townhouse we currently own.  It’s not huge, but it’s big enough.  The yard is small, but the open space in the development is large and beautiful.  We enjoy seeing lots of wildlife and letting our kids play in the creek.

But today….today I put into action “Home Isn’t a Place, It’s  a Feeling”.  After so many years of wishfully thinking that we would be moving “in the next year or two”, I decided it was time to work on completing our home.  Making it truly feel like HOME.