For the first time in my life-as-a-mom, I am caught up on our laundry.  If that doesn’t say much, I have a nine year-old and a six year-old.  So that’s nearly ten years that I have been behind on laundry.  Yes, TEN YEARS!  I can’t believe I’m publicly admitting this.  I wish that I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve heard one of the following:

“Honey, do you have clean socks for me somewhere?”  And by “somewhere” he really meant “is there a laundry basket in this house with CLEAN laundry in it?”


“Mom, I’m out of pajamas.  Do you have some for me?”


“I’m all out of clean undershirts.”

Unfortunately, this probably happened once a week.  Fortunately, for every occasion I heard this, there was always a load in the washer or dryer that contained whatever it was they were looking for and I was able to hand them something clean and dry.

But for me being caught up on laundry doesn’t mean that our hampers are completely empty.  What it does mean is that no one is out of anything and the hampers are not over-flowing.  Not only are they not over-flowing, but they are less than half-full!  Clean laundry is folded and put away, not sitting in a basket somewhere waiting for me to plop on the floor and spend quality time folding it.

The thing is, it feels amazing.  Liberating.  Who knew being caught up on laundry could be so fulfilling?  I mean, right?  I get up at 5:00am and throw my first load in.  If there is a load from the night before in the dryer, I fold it then and there.  After I drop the kids at school, I throw in another.  And if it’s necessary, I toss one in after dinner.  The past few nights, it hasn’t been necessary.  I have been able to sit on the sofa with my love after the kids are in bed and enjoy an evening without that nagging feeling of “I must get some laundry in”.