This is the coldest winter I can remember.  Ever.  In all of my nearly 41 years.  But we are on the “light” side of the Solstice.  It has come and gone and our days continue to grow lighter and longer.  And the sun through our windows feels a bit warmer.  Just a bit.  Even so, the wind seems to find its way through any crack or crevice around every window and door. To warm these coldest of winter days, I find myself baking crusty loaves of bread, boiling water for tea, heating milk for hot cocoa, knitting leftovers into cowls and hats, and doubling up on our layers of socks and sweaters.  The greatest warmth I have found, however, is the warmth of this family of mine.  Much as I know it would do us all good to run around outside, it has felt comfortable and cozy to be tucked into our home together, not venturing out into the frigid, frozen land that is just outside our windows. Written January 28, 2014