We are growing a garden this year!  A vegetable garden!!!!!  I am beyond excited.  We have, for the last three or four years, grown tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and herbs in faux terra-cotta pots on our patio.  We have also been members of a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for several years (I have lost count on how long we have been doing this).  My dream, however, has been to have our OWN garden, where we can grow a host of different vegetables to support a healthier diet and greater self-sufficiency.  Unfortunately, that would require a much larger backyard.  Ours is about the size of a postage stamp.

But, alas, we are not moving anywhere anytime soon.  Our children are so very attached to this residence that our younger daughter would like to “buy this house as a vacation home” when it is time for us to sell and move to single-floor living (when our joints are crackly and dusty and fail to move us up the stairs).  How about that.  The townhouse we were only going to spend “two or three years” in has become an heirloom.  Who would have thought.  NOT ME.  EVER.  I have been planning our “next house” since the day we moved in!!

Anyway, my adorable and adoring husband promised (of his own accord; without my begging and pleading) to build me a raised bed for growing our own vegetables.  And he fulfilled this promise.  Several weeks ago, he built this fabulous raised bed that just fits in the area we have reserved for patio gardening.  It truly is beautiful.  So beautiful, in fact, that he has asked me many times, “Are you SURE you want to put dirt in this thing?”  My answer, of course, is always a resounding “yes”.  It is finally full of a robust mixture of organic soil, organic compost, a bit of vermiculite and a bit of organic manure. Our seedlings are finally planted and we have prepped the trellises  for the young sugar snap pea plants. I am very excited to see what our beautiful garden will yield. I hope, although I don’t expect, that it will be enough to can and put away some of this fresh produce for the colder months, much like Ma Ingalls once did. To be honest, the girls are almost as excited about this prospect as I am. We are homestead wannabees in our little townhouse. And we cannot wait to see what our hard work produces.